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The Paw Room is a locally-owned-and-operated facility located in Anchorage, run by Anchorage’s own Amy Bock. Amy boasts twenty years of active competition in dog sports and holds titles for events including:

  • Agility

  • Dock Diving

  • Nosework

  • Tracking


As an operational handler and a resource of our own Alaska State Troopers, Amy has raised and trained her HRD (Human Remains Detection) dog and currently trains in Search and Rescue.  Amy is also active in local Nosework/scent work trainings and trials.  She looks forward to providing training and resources for more Anchorage dog-owners.

Our Story

“The Paw Room idea came from my first dog, Guyton. That's his picture in the logo. He was a large black lab and a true gentle giant of a dog. As he aged it was harder and harder to get him out with cold, icy, and snowy conditions.  As his arthritis progressed his confidence in his movement decreased. I felt so sad about not being able to have a safe place for him in his senior years to remain active physically and mentally. Thus came The Paw Room. 


The paw depicts a roof for a safe haven.   The toes on the logo are actually imprints of Guyton's paw.  The background is the northern lights. As he aged and needed to get up each night to go outside, I would go with him no matter how cold or bad the weather. Together we would look for the northern lights. Sometimes we found them and other times not so much. I brought those elements together to honor Guyton's memory in the creation of The Paw Room"

                                  Guyton Lived and Loved until he was 14yrs old

- Amy Bock, Founder of The Paw Room

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