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Welcome to
The Paw Room!

 A space for dogs and their owners   to rent, play and learn together. 

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As a pet owner living in Anchorage,

there is certainly no shortage of outdoor spaces to spend time exploring with your dogs. Alaskan summers are busy and beautiful with countless public trails and parks bustling with cyclists, runners, families, other dogs and dog-walkers. Not even the cold, wet winters are enough to stop Alaskans from getting out; trails this time of year are equally frequented by local skiers, fat tire cyclists, and even mushing teams. But what about when a dog in your care is elderly, disabled, or recovering from an injury? What should you do on the days you as a dog owner just can’t find the time or means to get out? While these public outdoor options remain an easy and reliable way to get our community’s dogs active and engaged, not all dogs may respond well to the overstimulation that highly-populated parks and trails can cause, and not all owners may have the time or energy to get out often.

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The Paw Room provides an innovative

alternative to packed parks and public spaces by offering a private, indoor, climate-controlled area available for dog owners to rent. Featuring 1,600 ft2 of dog-friendly space complete with durable rubber floors to provide a comfortable and slip-resistant surface, you and your dogs are free to play and explore the rich and interactive environment that The Paw Room cultivates. Accessible 24 hours a day by appointment and via personal door code, The Paw Room is an ideal option for dog owners who work odd hours or have otherwise unpredictable schedules

Amenities & Available Equipment:



Scent Work


Fitness & Conditioning

Tennis Balls & Toys


Inquire About:

Nosework Drop-Ins

K-9 Fitness


Sensibility Zone
(enrichment activities)

Paint Your Pet Classes

Puzzle Workshops


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